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A community based on love & connection.

Our ancients believed that the heart is the seed of the soul. Yes the physical heart, but even more so the energetic heart that we have all come to know so well. Our energetic heart space is the place in which we feel from. This is the heart we hear about it in our songs. The heart that sings about being in love or the heart that sings about hating it. 
To live from the heart is a journey. An ongoing experience of diving deep into yourself to uncover that which has always been there. This means exploring the parts of yourself that may be uncomfortable so that you may bring in love and healing. Heart Space Living is about facing your problems rather than running from them. It’s about stepping up in your life as a creator taking full responsibility of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. To realize you are always empowered through choice. It’s the ability to choose love in any situation regardless of the context. It’s choosing love because love is all their truly is. Behind illusion, behind chaos, it’s always there. Like the sun on a cloudy day waiting for the clouds to pass. 
Heart Space Living is a community centered around connecting people back into their hearts. Our mission is to provide you with a safe space where you can explore the power of your heart while being in the presence of other beautiful souls with the same intention. True magic takes place when those of open hearts come together. Through connection in community, you are able to openly heartedly express your authentic self in a judge free environment; while being encouraged to explore your hearts intelligence through workshops and events that include: group talks, reiki, movement, sound and more! Our events are located throughout New Jersey and the boroughs New York City.

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Mitch (_mdraab13) talking about the experience he had at his first #HeartSpaceLiving event!!! 💚💜💚
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Let your inner child be free!!_At this #HSL, it was a rainy day so the boys and I decided to play in
Thank you everyone for coming to the _Let Me Clear My Throat_ event with _ourcommonunity & _mialuna.
Tiana & Michael taking a break from cooking to smile for the camera! 😃_Picture taken at our Ayurved
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#OM- a one syllable chant which is the symbol of the highest vibration, the #Purest energy-that whic
There's nothing more healing than yoga outdoors. Connecting with ourself, connecting with each other
At our events, healers of all kinds offer their services for others to experience.jpg
With all the bodies tightly packed together, you may or may not be able to tell that this is a group
A moment captured from our _Explore The Shadow_ event with _ourcommonunity, _divinetiming101, _growe
Once again I am left speechless by this remarkable community. The love that is generated at _heart.s
In a world where everyone strives to be the same, it is so refreshing to be amongst those who are co
World peace doesn’t start with our government.. it starts with our ability to love those around us.j
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Everyone knows that eating healthy is important, yet for so many cooking can be a major
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The combination of #Sound & #Reiki allows for deep states of healing to take place. ✨_As healers, we
It was an honor speaking to the students and teachers at #DrewUniversity! Our time together was focu
Yoga is a practice that can be done anywhere. As long as you have a will there is a way.jpg
When we come together in a group setting, our individual #energy amplifies through the #collective e
When it comes to cooking healthy meals, meal prepping beforehand can make the entire process easier
Your ability to express yourself is a basic human need. As humans we crave connection and stimulatio
The finished product from our last Ayurvedic cooking class!!_#Delicioso 😀
Engaging in a sound bath provides the nervous system with support to help lower cortisol levels ( st